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Is The Press Release Dying?

In this period when digital media agencies are quick to report on the increasing numbers of Internet users, a segment of the population is most likely asking whether or not the press release is still useful, or even alive, today. They are companies checking a wide range of impact-generating options and seeking effective alternatives in the business of information sharing in order to be relevant to their target audiences.
I think the right question should be, “Should my team still invest time and energy writing press releases when we can use that time and energy into making company videos instead?” A press release is an old tactic. Some call it a media release or a press story, but its shape and purpose remain the same. It is the company’s official statement distributed to the media.
This question came about due to the changing preferences of media types. Many members of the younger generations are stuck to their mobile devices like glue, their eyes fixed on social media networks, their…

Understanding the Writing Process

One of the things that make writers professional is the way they stick to a process, from topic selection to final revision, and the way they work hard at every stage of this process. Some companies expect outsourced writers to, once hired, immediately submit top-grade content within a day, even after a few hours from first meeting. Of course, a professional writer is capable of doing that, but at her own risk.
Without a process, a professional writer can develop over time the propensity to slack and wait for the instructions and, in rare cases, for the whims of her clients. I learned this from experience in business, the hard way. At the end of the day, the waiting game meant unprofitable business hours and revenue loss, not to mention the increase in anxiety and stress.

A writing process translates to a clear work flow, which assigns specific tasks to people who will be held accountable for the accomplishment or non-delivery of these things to do at every stage. Because of the account…