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The Professional Writer’s First Challenge

I had a few experiences when people had mistaken me for an author of books after introducing myself as a professional writer. “What do you do?” was a common rejoinder. Explaining my work can be on occasion a difficult thing to do in a circle of people with limited communication background. The simplest pitch I gave was: I am a person anyone can hire to write or edit or manage writing projects, such as features, speeches, press releases, blog posts, essays, newsletters, and technical documents, to name few. But it was a pitch that I felt did not encompass the scope, patience, skill, sincerity, and earnestness of what I do.

“So you are a freelance writer?” was the regular counter to my pitch. I remembered replying a couple of times, “Yes, but I prefer being called a professional writer because I strive to embrace writing seriously and professionally. I am committed to a process and I seek to get better. I am duly registered with a small office in Mandaue City and a province-wide client base.”

This incident is not unique in itself. Someone I know, an inspiring woman who is into technology innovation, shared that she had been mistaken to be a seller of mobile phones. Another, a friend I look up to who is in the advertising industry, had once been falsely thought to be managing a printing press.

Four years into the business of writing and editing, I am happy to observe that my pitch and the conversations that follow are getting better. I may not be an author of books now but I am a professional writer who can help an individual or company achieve their written communication goals by producing different goal-driven content formats.