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Define: Professional Writer

When I started my writing and editing business “accidentally”, I did not call myself a professional writer yet. I was simply a service provider, assisting companies in their writing requirements and editing needs. Months later, I encountered the title I would call myself today. At the time, it rang a bell; it reflects exactly what I have been doing. Many people are still confused about it. So here, I’ll strive to explain what a professional writer does.

Essentially, in my case, a professional writer is a writer-for-hire. In the past four years, I have been hired to write press releases, features, blog posts, website content, public speeches, newsletters, brochures, souvenir programs, formal reports, and annual report messages, among many others. There are so many stories worth documenting and the way reputable companies recognize the need to capture them in writing never ceases to amaze me. I have also experienced being contracted to edit a thesis and write social media copies.

So why was I hired? A professional writer is hired because teams lack staff and certain capabilities to create particular writing requirements. Due to work overload burdening a two- or three-person team, they are prompted to get someone from outside their company boundaries and delegate what they can so that they can focus on other more important things. In the process, the professional writer helps free some of their time.

Based on my experience, even when a team is big enough for equal delegation of tasks, a professional writer is still hired to help them develop ideas and create different content formats. Especially in the case of editing projects, a professional writer is also hired with the expectation that the person can give expert opinion about the text in order to produce top-grade outputs.

I am now embracing this career as a professional writer, helping private companies, non-government organizations, professional individuals, academe, and government agencies. Since young, I have always thought about becoming both a writer and editor. My writing and editing business, the Memoriter, blessed me with the opportunity to do both.